MAKEUP Semi-Permanent (Tattoo)

Natural beauty is a gift. Every woman wants to be beautiful. This privilege of nature is now within your reach. Our experienced technicians offer you Permanent Makeup which brings you the reassurance, well-being and joy of feeling naturally beautiful.

These make-up techniques are recommended and have different prices and take 1-3 sessions.
• correct the end of the eyebrow
• thicken the eyebrow line
• make a complete trace of the eyebrows
• make a complete trace of the eyeliner
• make a complete trace of the lip line
• cover red spots
• make a beauty mark

We recommend the Semi-permanent Make Up that uses natural ingredients and gives you the freedom to change the style every three to four years, with the fashion looks always changing your tattoo will never be permanent.

 Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to getting a little extra flutter, false eyelashes and mascara are no longer the only options.

The new wave of enhancements is all about eyelash extensions. 

Individual synthetic lashes are carefully bonded to your existing lashes by expert beauticians.
You can either get a full set, taking about 2 hours to apply - a false lash is applied to each of your existing lashes, around 80 to 100 of them. Alternatively you can get a half-set for a more natural look.
We will talk to you about what you want - how long the lashes should be, how thick, and even what kind of curl. During application the eyes will be protected and closed. You are not going to feel any pain or discomfort.

The extensions last 1 months, after that a refilling is recommende.

The price is between 90.-€ and 150.-€ Euros